Our Vision as photographers is to provide the best images we can to help you keep your wedding day memories as vivid as possible. We also strive to meet your needs as you will be the one looking at these photos when you’re old and grey rockin’ it out on the front porch. As much as we have our own visions we love to hear about yours.

We understand that every wedding is unique and may require a different type of coverage. As professional photographers, we have come to conclude that full day wedding coverage is needed in order to tell your story, which is why we offer a 10-12 hour package. We provide a complimentary engagement session with all wedding coverage to help us understand how you react to the camera and what you like and don’t like about the process. Think of it as a trial, the same way you would have a food tasting or hair/makeup session.

Our studio is located in Toronto, Canada and we both love to travel and enjoy doing destination weddings. Our destination packages vary depending on the location and amount of coverage needed.

In addition to wedding coverage, we also specialize in a variety of events such as corporate conferences, Holiday parties and special moments.